Sunday, December 27, 2020

Understanding and Managing Grief, December 20 - December 26, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Hospice providers nationwide are reassessing how they provide bereavement care due to the need for social distancing during the ongoing pandemic. With few other options, many are turning to telehealth systems to support grieving families. Hospices Redesign Bereavement Care Due to Social Distancing « Hospice News

 Nearly 320,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, leaving 10 times as many grieving. It's all playing out in a culture that's long marginalized grief as something we're supposed to get over. As Americans Experience Tsunami Of Grief, It's Time To Understand Grieving As A Lifelong Process « Here & Now 

For us to heal from the trauma of losing our loved ones to suicide, we have to constantly remind ourselves of the joy and love they brought to us in Christmas Past to help ease our longing of love in Christmas Present and to help carry their beautiful spirit into Christmas Future. Sing Loud and Clear by Chris Locke « The Gift of Second

This pandemic year, grief is everywhere but we have nowhere to mourn, except online. There have been lives lost, and also jobs and the closeness of relationships in daily life. Those combined losses can put us at risk, and they require managing. Make Space for Grief After a Year of Loss « Harvard Business Review

With normal life suspended, I couldn’t be with her when she died. But so much of mourning happens in the ruins of your own head. I wanted the world to reflect that. Respect it, even. Losing my mum in lockdown was a brutal lesson in the abject loneliness of grief | Family « The Guardian 

Losing a baby to miscarriage or shortly after childbirth is a unique, unfamiliar and painful type of grief. How to foster support and healing. Healing After Miscarriage and Infant Loss: A Social Worker’s Tips « Michigan Health 

Obviously, the grief my husband John and I suffered was unbearable, but not having anyone in our lives who really understood our pain was almost as bad as the grief. Not only were we dealing with the pain of losing our granddaughter, we were also faced with supporting our daughter, Juli, and her family as they faced their unimaginable loss. Our Sunshine on a Cloudy Day: A Grandparent's Grief « SUDC Foundation 

I only had 4 years with this man and I want more. Is he watching me? I don't feel him yet I've felt others after death somehow bringing me comfort. I am so confused -- no spiritual comfort with the love of my life -- why? In Grief: Longing to Feel A Loved One’s Presence After Death « Grief Healing 

Everyone reacts to the loss differently. There is no right or wrong way when dealing with grief as it is a very individual experience. Grief can impact on your body, emotions, thoughts and behaviours. Below are some examples of how grief may affect someone and some tips on how to help deal with grief. Coping With Grief « Centennial Park 

Dec 20

No vaccine can cure the monstrosity of loss that was 2020. The pandemic of grief: How we mourned 2020 together but alone. Our Year in Gief « Mashable

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