Sunday, March 15, 2020

Caregiving & Grief, March 8 - March 14, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

When you are grieving, your mental and emotional bandwidth are already strained. Adding external stress and instability can be even harder to cope with than it would be otherwise. Taking Care of Your Mental Health During Coronavirus « What's Your Grief?

Miscarriage can be a painful experience with long-lasting effects on women’s emotional, mental, and physical health. How can they move toward healing?Emotional Healing After a Miscarriage: A Guide for Women, Partners, Family, and Friends, « Nursing@Georgetown

Why some grief takes much longer to heal is this week's AfterTalk Weekly by Marie Lundorff, a PhD student at Aarhus University in Denmark. It's Complicated: AfterTalk Weekly « AfterTalk

Grief comes in many colors. It can be painful and unrelenting, and sometimes sweet. It is unpredictable, mysterious, and profound. But grief is not an illness. No wonder people question their grief:  Am I OK?  Is this normal?  “Am I Grieving Right?” « Grief Watch

Take it easy. The worst part of all this is the fear. The idiot's guide to coronavirus from an emergency physician, « KevinMD

Acceptance is not resigning ourselves to a past we then put behind us. Rather, acceptance is creating a space to bring that past with us, the most beautiful parts and the most painful parts. Rethinking 'Acceptance' in Grief « What's Your Grief?

I was in a very good relationship with a person until she received news that her mother was terminal. In a matter of a weekend she completely turned on me and wanted me out of her life. In Grief: Can This Relationship Survive? « Grief Healing

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