Sunday, October 8, 2017

Understanding and Managing Grief, October 1 - October 7, 2017

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Resources for emotional trauma support for you and people you love, « Danielle Laporte

Megan Devine Interview: The Howl at the Center of Grief, « Audio Boom

Dogs Comfort The Bereaved in Funeral Homes, « Seven Ponds Blog

After 12 Years my Mother is Still Everywhere,  « What's Your Grief?

How To Take Care Of Yourself and Loved Ones During Tragedies Like The Las Vegas Shooting, « Bustle

Flowers for Mom, « EOLU Blog

Tragedy in the Tropics, « seventysomething

Have You Been the News? When Private Pain Is a Public Spectacle, « HuffPost

In Grief: Infant’s Death Threatens A Marriage, « Grief Healing

Why Do I Feel Worse 2-3 Years after My Significant Life Loss Event, « The 5 Facets

I Get It Now, and I'm Sorry, « Soaring Spirits International

Tearful Two-Step: The Dual-Process Grief Model, « Grieve Well

Congratulations to Megan Devine on release of her new book today! « Amazon

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