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Pet Loss and Animal Communication: Suggested Resources

[Reviewed and updated April 6, 2023]

. . . when we love animals and want to honor and effectively communicate with them, we must relate to them not only via their physical bodies and observable behavior, but also beyond biology and behavior--to acknowledge and communicate with them at the level of their souls. ~ Teresa Whalen

A reader writes: I am in therapy, and one of the things that I discovered in my sessions is that as much as I miss my cat on a daily basis, what hurts me the most and continues to haunt me is her untimely and totally unexpected death. She was just TOO young and I feel it was so unfair that she was cheated out of her life. Even today, I continue to worry about her and wonder if she is okay. Upon my therapist's suggestion, I have tried to repeat to myself that wherever she is (?) that she is okay, but I find that easier to believe some days than other days. I just so want to believe/KNOW that she is alright. And although I want to do some kind of memorial, I am not ready. Just writing this has brought new tears and I know that looking at her pictures still has the same effect.
I’ve read some of your posts and I appreciate your input about pet loss and knowing that it is not abnormal to have such a strong reaction to a pet's death. There is no one else who understands why the death of my cat impacted and devastated me so much more than the death of my parents, and sometimes I wonder that myself. But it is what it is and I am grateful that there is one place where others understand.

My response: My dear, I am gratified to learn that you’ve found my writing about pet loss helpful.

That said, I wonder if you've ever considered doing some reading about the subject of animals and the afterlife as a way of addressing your concerns for your kitty's welfare? See Pet Loss: Do Pets Go To Heaven? for a list of recommended books on this topic.

You might also think about consulting an animal communicator ~ that is, one who specializes in connecting with and communicating telepathically with animals. If you're interested in pursuing that, you might find some of the resources I’ve listed below to be helpful. (Note that my listing of individual animal communicators does not imply an official endorsement on my part; some are people whose names have been given to me by readers who have used their services and were satisfied enough to recommend them to me.) If others reading this have favorites that you can also recommend, I invite you to share them with us in our Comments section below:

Animal Communicators

Pamela Talbot Adams

Kathleen Berard

Annette Betcher ~ Specializing in Horses

Dawn Brunke ~ Animal Voices

Asia Voight

Georgina Cyr

Carol Gurney

Morgine Jurdan

Amelia Kinkaid

Tim Link

Danielle Mackinnon

Barbara Paster

Sandy Rakowitz

Rita Reynolds ~ Blessing the Bridge

Nancy Schluntz

Penelope Smith

Teresa Whalen ~ Animals in Our Hearts

Jason Wickens ~ Talking To Animals

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