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Understanding and Managing Grief, January 7 - January 13, 2024

Best selections from Grief Healing's X feed this week:

When Naomi Judd died by suicide in 2022, after a long struggle with mental illness, her daughter Ashley found her. In this deeply moving, revealing, and insightful conversation Ashley Judd talks about the trauma she has worked hard to face, the grief she now feels, and how her mother’s spirit is still very much alive in her life. Anderson Cooper interviews Ashley Judd: Grief, Love and Naomi « All There Is With Anderson Cooper

Dan Levy’s new Netflix film, “Good Grief,” which he wrote, produced, directed and stars in, does all of the things that I wished I could have done for myself back then; it makes grief tangible. 'Good Grief' Is The Movie I Wish I’d Had After My Mom Died « Huffpost

Proper procedures for diagnosing prolonged grief disorder (PGD) are not being followed in research into its prevalence, according to a study published in Harvard Review of Psychiatry, part of the Lippincott portfolio from Wolters Kluwer. What’s more, most published literature doesn’t clearly acknowledge the limitations of the methodology used. Current Research on Prevalence of Prolonged Grief Disorder Is Inadequate « News Wise

WSU Veterinary Chaplain Scott Campbell said the Celebration of Life allows people to embrace grief around the loss of animals and heal from the loss because society does not always allow the opportunity to grieve a pet that has become a friend. Celebration of Life allows students, community members to reflect on animals lost recently « The Daily Evergreen

Losing a pet can be a heart-wrenching experience, as they are often considered cherished members of the family. Delving into the stories of three individuals who have experienced the profound grief of losing their beloved pets, let us explore the emotional journey of healing, the lasting impact of their furry companions, and the unique ways they choose to honor their memory. Unbreakable Bonds: The Profound Grief of Losing a Beloved Pet « Egyptian Streets

While some may dismiss the loss as trivial or fail to comprehend the depth of the human-animal bond, research on loss of a beloved pet demonstrates it can equal the psychological stress and turmoil of the death of an important human figure in a person’s life. Losing a Companion Animal: Dismantling Disenfranchised Grief « Clinical Advisor

"I'm going through a very difficult time. My oldest brother (39) died a month ago in a car wreck. We were super close as I lived with him for 5 years and he was always  protecting me and giving me his support and guidance." In Grief: Surviving A Brother's Fatal Accident « Grief Healing

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