Sunday, November 20, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief, November 13 - November 19, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

The definition of paying it forward in grief can vary significantly. But it all comes down to one basic idea: you use what you’ve learned during your experience with grief to help others. It provides new meaning and purpose to your shattered life. Paying It Forward in Grief « Alive in Memory

There is something so debilitating about dealing with a loss, whether it’s sudden or expected. However, there are some strategies to help deal with grief. There are, however, some very helpful strategies that can be implemented to help deal with grief. Dealing with Grief Can Involve A Variety of Approaches « fifty plus advocate

Grief support often focuses on normalizing grief or acknowledging grief in socially supportive spaces. Grief therapy is depth-oriented and reconstructive, and it integrates the past in an intentional therapeutic setting. What's the Difference Between Grief Support and Grief Therapy? « Psychology Today 

It’s easy to recognize how the pandemic caused teens to miss the marker milestones that only the high-school experience renders. They missed out on school experiences that most pre–COVID-19 teenagers have had. Dating, the boundaries of school and classes, flirting, sports, school clubs, and any other extracurricular activity were in shutdown mode as they became shut-ins. This is most especially true for adolescents and young adults, who lost two years of socialization. They lost two years of developmental and experiential interactions that are crucial to their socio-emotional development. Social and Sexual Grief: The Trials of the Adolescents of COVID-19 « Psychology Today

While there are common ways that men respond to grief, that does not mean that they are actually processing their emotions or coming to a healthy resolution. The real issue is not that men have some other means or manner of grieving. It is that the Western cultural expectation of men discourages grieving altogether. The Problem of Male Grief « Psychology Today

Former children’s book editor Jayne Pillemer has penned a moving story to help kids work through feelings of grief.  Voices of Experience: Are You Still Mine? « Grief Healing

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