Sunday, February 27, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief, February 20 - February 26, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Talk of death is often avoided around children, unless the loss must be confronted. Approaching the subject, even when necessary, can leave caregivers uncertain about how to address it and what to say.  When a loved one is lost: Working through grief with a child « Columbia Missourian

Blaming the unvaccinated for the hurt caused by COVID-19 will only lead to more hurt. By forgiving each other, we can try to heal and move forward together. Opinion: Vaccines won’t cure the divisions and grief, but forgiveness just might « The Globe and Mail 

Some days it feels like it’s been years since Rho died; some days it feels like it was yesterday. Grief Exists in Its Own Time Zone « Auto Straddle

Many don't realize that finding joy during grief is very much possible, and only by understanding this duality can we find pleasure in pain and the strength that the discovery can afford. I’m a Psychotherapist, and I Want You To Know Joy and Grief Are *Not* Mutually Exclusive « Well+Good 

Unresolved grief that occurs when someone is physically or psychologically absent is known as ambiguous loss. Learning about ambiguous grief may help in trying to make sense of loss that lacks conclusion or feels unresolved. What Is Ambiguous Loss? « Psych Central

In some senses, a leader’s grief is no different from anyone else’s, but your grief may be more public than other people’s. As you work through your loss, consider how to approach your unique experience as you continue to lead. Four Things Leaders Can Do When Grieving A Loss « Forbes

The impact of grief runs deep, yet society is only just starting to recognise this and bring in new laws to help those grieving in the workplace. Here, experts tell Katie Scott why getting the response right to grief matters so much in schools. What everyone in schools needs to know about grief « Tes Magazine 

Fear, lack of knowledge, lack of being able to really hear and understand the knowledge being given, lack of trust, living in a country where opioids (identified under the word morphine) have become a national epidemic of their own, all contribute to people’s responses. Refusing Morphine For a Dying Loved One « BK Books 

Judy Lipson says there is no recipe for grief. Her sisters were her compass, constant, champions, and competitors and for thirty years she suppressed the grief of losing her two beloved sisters. Voices of Experience: It's Never Too Late to Grieve « Grief Healing

This article will define disenfranchised grief through examples, show how to recognize disenfranchised grief, and explain how it compares to other forms of grieving. It will also provide coping techniques and ideas for finding validation in mourning. Signs You Are Experiencing Disenfranchised Grief « VeryWellHealth

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