Sunday, April 3, 2022

Understanding and Managing Grief, March 27 - April 2, 2022

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

You can't avoid sadness in grief, nor should you try. Allowing yourself to feel and honor your sadness is a way of loving the person you lost. The Nonnegotiable Sadness of Grief « Psychology Today 

If grief is the corollary to love, if grief is love, why set expectations on its pace or texture? Why pathologize love? Opinion: Grief Is Love, Not A Mental Disorder « The Washington Post

We often hear about grief, a feeling of intense sadness or sorrow, in connection with death. But grief isn't something you only experience when someone you love has died. What Is Anticipatory Grief, and How Can You Cope With It? « Yahoo! Life

The things a loved one leaves behind can be a painful reminder of the loss. It can help to both set up a system and work with others in deciding the best way to deal with these possessions. The Stuff of Grief: Dealing with the Deceased's Possessions « Psychology Today 

Focusing on the past can bring up regrets and focusing on the future can bring up fear and stories that aren’t true. But what  if we’re in pain or grief or loss or we have a broken heart? What If The Present Moment Sucks? « Andrea Cagan

Even when we think we are prepared and know what to expect, we still find it very difficult to take in the death of a person we love. Death is one of those facts of life that we find easier to acknowledge with our brain than with our heart. In Grief: Confronting One's Own Mortality « Grief Healing 

Many people have sought therapy for grief, but limited professional training in grief therapy has made it difficult to find beneficial support. Not all grievers need it and not all therapists can provide it. Do You Need Grief Therapy? « Psychology Today

I’ve been touched by how many have understood that nobody’s dog is ‘just a dog’ – they’re part of the family. The painful loss of my dog gave me confidence to experience grief rather than shrug it off « The Guardian 

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