Monday, October 24, 2011

Voices of Experience: The Pie Dish

It is the miracle of memory that transforms a houseful of stuff into a heritage of love and connection. ~ Emily Barnes, in Timeless Treasures: The Charm and Romance of Treasured Memories

Of her beloved grandmother who died earlier this year, the author of this lovely piece* writes, "My Grandma raised me, so she was more like my mom. She was my best friend ~ my biggest supporter ~ the only person I have ever felt would love me no matter what."

It is amazing how small things can take you back to the one you love. The way the sun streams in the window, a smell, a sound . . . little things.

Six months have come and gone . . . I survived it. My birthday came and went ~ and it was like every other day. The days seem to be going faster and faster. I have her photo on our corner memorial area. I hug her smock before bedtime (it still has the smell of her cooking on it). Miss her everyday.

So today I am making dinner. Gumbo ~ one of my twin's favorite meals. I thought, "I think I will make an apple pie to go along with it," and pull out my old, battered pie dish. 

Grandma always loved to cook for her family ~ it was one of her great joys in life. She would always make pies and soups for us ~ and she sure did make awesome pies and soups. About six years ago she made my husband an apple pie. When we finished I brought her pie dish back to her, but this time she handed it back to me and she said, "I want you to keep it. Someday, when I am gone, you will be making a pie for your family with this dish and I hope you will remember me." Like I could ever forget my Grandma.

So now I will start to make my pie and I will think of Grandma. I regret all the times I could have visited her but I didn't. I regret all the visits that were short and rushed because I thought I had somewhere else I had to be. I will think of her beautiful bent hands joyfully pressing pie crust into this pie dish. I will remember the love, the wet kisses, the joy she gave me. And I will hope and pray two things: 1) that I will give my own kids that same feeling, and 2) that there is a God and a Heaven and someday I will be able to meet her again in Heaven. I miss you so much my beautiful Grandma . . . 

*Reprinted with permission of the author

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