Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Thin Threads: Focusing on Grief and Renewal

According to its Web site, Thin Threads® Stories"is a book series that embraces the best of the human spirit - the heart and instinct in each of us that leads us toward becoming who we were meant to be. These Thin Thread stories are a collection of moments, events or decisions told in personal story form, each showing how the course of our lives can be redirected for the better. The stories encapsulate our human desire to tell our own stories and to read and relate to others through their stories."

The most recent addition to the Thin Threads® Book Series, Thin Threads: Grief and Renewal, is filled with eleven uplifting stories by authors who have experienced life-altering losses.  According to Co-Editor Ellen Gerst, the plan is to build a community of support for those in need of solace, encouragement and hope.  Toward that end, a new fan page on Facebook for Grief and Renewal will highlight, in video, some of the stories included in this volume, along with other inspiring tidbits. Visitors are invited to “like” the page and become part of this supportive community, whose mission is to empower  those who have experienced loss with tools to move gracefully through their journey to the renewal of life.  To get a sense of the book’s content, see this outstanding contribution by Robin Moore, which appeared originally on Fresh Widow’s blog on October 5, 2009: It’s NOT Going to be Okay


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