Friday, October 23, 2009

My Profile

As both a bereaved parent and a bereaved daughter, I've focused my practice on issues of loss, grief and transition for more than 40 years. I joined Hospice of the Valley in Phoenix, Arizona as a bereavement counselor in 1996, and for ten years served as moderator for its innovative online Grief Healing Discussion Groups, until ownership of the site was returned to me in October, 2013. With my special interest in grief and the human-animal bond, I facilitated a pet grief support group for bereaved animal lovers in Phoenix for 15 years, and now serve as consultant to the Pet Loss Support Group at Hospice of the Valley and to the Ontario Pet Loss Support Group in Ontario, Canada. I am a contributing author for Open to Hope, The Grief Toolbox and Self-Healing Expressions, and have written a number of books, booklets, articles, online e-mail courses and e-books addressing various aspects of loss and grief. My own Grief Healing website offers information, comfort and support to anyone who is anticipating or coping with the loss of a loved one, whether that is a person or a cherished companion animal.  In my work with the bereaved, I accompany people who are struggling with, working through, and overcoming the most devastating of losses, and every day I learn something new from each of them. I cannot imagine more inspiring, uplifting work than this.  Read more of my personal story here: A Message from Marty. You can read more of my thoughts about caregiving, grief and bereavement here: A Conversation with Marty Tousley, Grief Counselor. My professional background and qualifications are described here.  I am fascinated by using Social Media as a way to learn, to connect and to share useful information about care giving, loss and transition. You can find me on LinkedIn, on Twitter @GriefHealing, on Facebook and on Pinterest, and you are cordially invited to connect with me on Google+.

(This information was last reviewed and modified on July 21, 2015.)