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After-Death Communication: A List of Resources

[Reviewed and updated December 9, 2023]

After Death Communication (ADC) is one of the most frequently discussed topics in the online Grief Healing Discussion Groups I moderate, and it is one I've written about in an earlier post.

In an online TVGuide article I read that, in a segment broadcast on his program, television's Dr. Mehmet Oz "had quite a wild time watching [famed psychic medium] John Edward do his thing. In fact, the good doc says the experience changed his life!"

What are we to do with all this interest in ADC?
Research indicates that roughly 60% of those whose loved ones have died will experience some form of after-death communication (the subjective sense of having been in contact with the deceased), so that today ADC is considered to be a prominent and normal feature of bereavement. Now grief counselors are encouraged to support, enable and empower grief-stricken individuals to maintain their loving connections with their deceased loved ones, including such post-death encounters as ADCs. 

I'd like to recommend an extraordinary book entitled Halfway Across the River: Messages of Hope from the Other Side. It is written by Dr. Annette Childs, a psychologist whose research has focused on her clients' near-death and after-death experiences, and whose practice includes assisting the dying and their families to find peace and meaning as they cope with the process of transition from this life to the next. Her book contains an absolutely beautiful (and true!) story containing dramatic examples of communication between this reality and the other side of the veil.

You can see Dr. Childs being interviewed by Dr. Heidi Horsley in this Open to Hope video program:

For your convenience, I've also assembled an extensive list of ADC Resources you may wish to explore.  If you'd like to add to this list, please do so in the Comments section below:

5 Things to Do Before Visiting A Psychic Medium (Article by Claire Bidwell Smith)

After-Death Communication Brings Solace to Many (Article by Paula Owen) 

Within the Light - A Spiritual Institute and Wellness Ministry

Your Life After Their Death: A Medium's Guide to Healing After A Loss by Karen Noe

Your Loved One Lives On Within You (Book by Alexandra Kennedy)

YouTube: Deathbed Visions, ADCs in Grief and Grief Counseling

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  1. Dear Marty,

    There are some wonderful resources you have listed above. THANK YOU!

    I heard Dr Oz on the radio here in L.A this morning talking about this...he also said 80% of Americans believe in the afterlife.

    Thanks as always for your imformative, educational information.

    Diana x

  2. This recommendation comes to us from Kim Wenzl, who blogs at Love Lives On,

    Kim says: I just heard of another book I plan to purchase called Heaven is For Real. Here is the link to that site:

    Thank you, Kim!

  3. Marty, thanks for sharing great information. I would like to recommend the books by John Edward, One Last Time; Crossing Over; and my own books on grief, life after death and communication from the Other Side:
    A Walk Through Grief:Crossing the Bridge Between Worlds; To Dance With Angels; Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom; and my website has additional information,
    Linda Pendleton

  4. Thanks to Sandy Goodman (author of "Love Never Dies: A Mother's Journey from Loss to Love") for sending us these links. If you missed seeing guest John Edward on the Dr. Oz Show on March 15, just cut and paste these URL addresses in your browser's search engine to see each of the three segments of the program:

  5. Marty,
    Are you aware of a local psychic in the Tempe area? Her name is Melinda Vail, and I have co-authored a book with her, "The Other Side of the Vail: Spiritual Guidance for Everyday Living." The book includes interviews of her clients, which I personally conducted. They recount their experience with Melinda and how she connected with each of their loved ones who had passed to the other side. She is truly talented!

  6. No, Ellen, I do not know Melinda ~ but I appreciate your letting us know about her and the book you wrote together! Readers will find a description of your book on Amazon, here:

  7. life after detah

  8. Have you heard of "My Life After Life", the story of Galen, a sixteen –year-old boy who died in a train accident in 2007? Galen’s father, Dr. Ken Stoller, began receiving messages from his son and transcribed these into the first book adding his own comments about coming to terms with both the shock of his son’s death and the shock and disbelief over his communication. Written in the first person as Galen's experience of teachings in the afterlife, told through his father, a scientist and a doctor juxtaposes their two worlds and makes for an interesting read.

    1. I'm not familiar with that particular book, Judy, but I thank you for letting us know about it. I checked it out on Amazon, and it looks to be quite wonderful. Read Amazon's description and reviews here:


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