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As some of you may know, hospices across the country are experiencing the chilling effects of a combination of unwelcome events (including a nationwide decrease in hospice admissions, increased government scrutiny of hospice programs via audits, cuts in Medicare reimbursement, and pending implementation of the Affordable Care Act). To keep itself financially healthy, Hospice of the Valley has responded by cutting costs wherever possible. In recent days, departments have been reorganized, functions have been consolidated, a number of positions have been eliminated, and a significant number of staff have been let go.

Unfortunately I have been notified by Hospice of the Valley that my own position as moderator of its innovative online Grief Discussion Forums has been eliminated, along with HOV’s sponsorship of our site. As of Monday, September 30, I will no longer be employed by Hospice of the Valley, and I'm sorry to say that as of today, our site no longer will be sponsored by Hospice of the Valley.

In an effort to preserve this wonderful site and its rich content for our members ~ at least until I can offer us a suitable alternative ~ I have been working behind the scenes to transfer ownership of our online forums from Hospice of the Valley over to me. We are actively engaged in that transfer now. (You may have noticed already that Hospice of the Valley’s logo has been removed from the top of the landing page, and its URL address has changed as well. Soon the plan is for it to revert to its original title, Grief Healing Discussion Groups, and its URL address henceforth will be

It goes without saying that I will keep everyone informed as events unfold. In the meantime, I deeply appreciate your patience, your kind understanding, your steadfast loyalty to this very special place, and most of all your loving care and continuing support of one another. ♥

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