Sunday, December 6, 2020

Caregiving, Grief & Pet Loss - November 30 - December 5, 2020

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

In 2017, Margo Fowkes started the website Salt Water. The website is chock-full of blogs with topics ranging from loss to caring for yourself after loss. It also offers resources for the bereaved as well for tips for comforting the bereaved.  Navigating Grief’s Choppy Waters « Sacramento Magazine 

You have the power to withstand this sorrow. We all do, though we all claim not to. The Rumpus Advice Column #78: The Obliterated Place « The Rumpus

Sixty-eight percent of physicians have reported being unprepared to address end of life with patients. Utilizing research from Dr. Atul Gwande and Dr. Richard Balaban as well as research and firsthand experience from Dr. Michael X. Jin, Lantern and The Auxillary developed a digestible guide to addressing end of life with patients. Video: The clinician’s 2-minute guide to serious illness conversations « MultiBrief

[G]rief doesn’t need to be any worse than anyone else’s for it to be valid, significant, special, or important. Someone’s grief over losing a job, dream, relationship, or pet may seem different or more manageable than your own – but their loss doesn’t cease to exist simply because it could be worse. Comparing Grief and Why We Shouldn't do It « What's Your Grief? 

There is still a stigma in our culture about pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and stillbirth. Here are three reasons not to keep it a secret. 3 Reasons You Don’t Need To Keep Pregnancy Loss A Secret « The Federalist

Whether written by experts in grief intervention, or by ordinary people who have found their own way through grief, today there are literally dozens of excellent books on bereavement and loss, and they are readily available to all of us. Here is a list of some, updated 12/2/20: Grief Healing: Grief Bibliography 

Psychiatric experts offer advice to parents who are helping their children cope with pandemic grief after a loved one dies of COVID-19. Talking to Children About a COVID-19 Death in the Family « Seven Ponds Blog 

Dr. Jeff Spiess is a hospice physician whose focus is on the care of the terminally ill. He is convinced that if we honestly face our mortality, we will make wiser decisions, die with less distress, and live the remainder of our lives, whether days or decades, more fully and with less anxiety. Voices of Experience: Dying With Ease « Grief Healing 

This metro Detroit support group is one of a few in the nation. It's to help those in deep grief over the death of a beloved pet.  Michigan woman tackles the pain of pet loss with support group « Detroit Free Press

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