Sunday, January 14, 2018

Caregiving and Hospice, January 7 - January 13, 2018

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Powerful and moving: What Really Matters: A Lesson From The Dying, « The Good Men Project

Advice on Talking to Someone with Suicidal Thoughts...from Someone Who's Had Suicidal Thoughts, « American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Repeat After Me: 'Hospice Means More Care, Not Less,' « HuffPost

Why Some People Don't Die in Peace, « HuffPost

How to Parent When Your Parent Is Dying, « Offspring

Message from NHPCO CEO and President Edo Banach, on Sunday’s New York Times Essay, « Hospice Action Network

One More River to Cross, « Dreams: The Sacred Experiment

Your Kids Don’t Want To Inherit Your Clutter, « Modern Loss

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