Monday, December 10, 2012

Voices of Experience: In My World, Superman

My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. ~ Clarence B. Kelland

The following comes to us from Lisa Rosendahl, in tribute to her father, Marvin Becker, who died on October 26, 2012, the day after celebrating his 63rd wedding anniversary with his wife and family. Lisa writes that following his massive stroke in 2011, "we almost lost Dad several times, but his strength and stubbornness kept him going until his final time, proving that he really is Superman." Marvin is survived by his dear wife Bonnie, eight children, 16 grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, "and so many more family and friends."

In My World, Superman

In my world, Superman wears red suspenders, not a red cape. 

In my world Superman married Lois Lane (aka Bonnie K, or Mom to us), had nine kids and even more grandkids for 63 years.

In my world, Superman was not a reporter or novelist although he loved to tell stories; he worked several jobs and gave it his all.

In my world, Superman DID have X-ray vision (I could never get away with anything it seemed), invulnerability, compassion beyond belief, faith, love, forgiveness (I've done many things he didn't have to forgive me for but did), hands filled with so much strength yet held my child with the greatest tenderness, and so much more.

In my world, Superman's allies were everyone: "There are no strangers you know."

In my world, Superman loved to watch old movies while lying on his belly with a grandchild on his back, after which they'd eat ice cream and chocolate syrup, and sprinkles if he had them.

In my world, Superman's story continues in the memories he's left behind.

In my world, Superman was my DAD. 

In my world Superman now lives in Heaven.

By Lisa Rosendahl © 2012 and reprinted with her permission.

© by Marty Tousley, RN, MS, FT, DCC

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