Thursday, April 21, 2011

Revival Redesign

[Reviewed and updated February 8, 2020]

Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again.  ~ Joseph Campbell

Susan Reynolds is a physical therapist, certified interior redesigner and home stager who also specializes in space renewal for those who’ve experienced personal loss.  Her book, Room for Change: Practical Ideas for Reviving after Loss, combines interior redesign principles with those of grief recovery, providing practical tips on making small changes to the environment that will help a person "revive" after a loss.  Susan speaks from experience; finding herself newly widowed and an empty nester at the age of 49, she took her education and training in wellness and ergonomics and enrolled in a program to become certified in both interior redesign and staging. She now consults with hospices on how interior design can help clients feel comfortable and safe, and speaks at bereavement groups to teach her methods to people who have suffered loss.

Her company, Revival Redesign, helps people refresh and enliven their personal space, using items they already own and love. Her goal is to help those in grief visualize how small changes in their surroundings can result in big changes in attitude.  Find Susan’s blog here:

In this video clip, Susan describes how bereaved individuals can use her simple, practical ideas to change their environment and re-vitalize themselves, helping them to re-enter the world and move forward.  In doing so, she says, they honor themselves and their passage into a new life following significant loss.


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