Understanding and Managing Grief, November 9 - November 22, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day - Letter to a Father http://j.mp/1AyCf5Z « AfterTalk

8 Tips to Help Someone Grieving During the Holidays, http://j.mp/1ta50hv « eHospice

Equine Therapy: Using Horses As A Healing Tool, http://j.mp/1xJsCAl « Philippi Center

[When] There Are No Good Decisions Left, http://j.mp/1yI85sF « I Am So Lost ...

9 Ways Pets Improve Our Lives, http://j.mp/1xRnR48 « Kayla Matthews, HuffPost Healthy Living

Quote 11/13 Matthew McConaughey on his father's death, http://j.mp/1GSgW0P « AfterTalk

In Grief: Looking for the Silver Lining,  http://j.mp/11ilRIm « AliveInMemory

New Perspectives on Old Traditions: Grief and The Holidays, http://j.mp/11eTHxZ « What's Your Grief?

The Importance Of Negative Emotions, http://j.mp/1EpzxgG « Carolyn Gregoire, HuffPost Healthy Living

Veterans Day: An Opportunity to Hhonor and Thank Veterans and Their Families for Their Service, http://j.mp/1AOTRLT « Grief Healing Blog

In Grief: Holding On and Letting Go: Yizkor Sermon http://j.mp/1ucPMfM « Rabbi Henry Jay Karp's Blog

After A Death, Should We Get A Dog? Brain Study Signals 'Yes,' http://j.mp/11cEix2 « WBUR's Common Health

Helping Grieving Children: A List of Suggested Resources, http://j.mp/15BOJqS « Grief Healing Blog

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2014, http://j.mp/1w9KNsY « Grief Healing Blog

CLOSURE in Bereavement: There is No Such Thing, http://j.mp/1tZq9iJ « It's OK to Die

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