Understanding and Managing Grief, October 19 - October 25, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Insightful: Grieving Without God, http://j.mp/ZRbFFo « Alive in Memory

The Grief Journey-What To Pack, http://j.mp/1zpNSww « The Grief Toolbox

Child’s Eye View of Death: The Power of Picture Books to Explain, http://j.mp/1wa3Bxj « The Guardian

Nature's Seasons of Grief and Hope, http://j.mp/1CVOtCx « Elaine Mansfield

Meaningful Suffering, http://j.mp/1yWGWpw « Open to Hope

Useful advice on helping a bereaved friend, http://j.mp/1zsjaTs « WellDoing.org

Grief Triggers and Positive Memory: A Continuum, http://j.mp/1CReWB7 « What's Your Grief?

Beautiful: Blessing, http://j.mp/1vHqzKK « Widower's Grief

In Grief: Support Groups vs. Individual Counseling, http://j.mp/1wr5lAQ « Grief Healing Blog

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