Understanding and Managing Grief, September 28 - October 4, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Finding Grief Support That is Right for You, http://j.mp/zCUOOB « Grief Healing Blog

Funeral etiquette: Why some people behave so badly, http://j.mp/1pv8hGx « Detroit Free Press

A child's perspective: Death Is A Very, Very Long Time, But Not Forever, http://j.mp/YUM6SW « GriefMinister.com

Coping with Sorrow in Grief, http://j.mp/15337u9 « Grief Healing Blog

Updated: Professional Certification Programs in Grief and Bereavement, http://j.mp/zbmbtz « Grief Healing Blog

Voices of Experience: Delayed Grief, http://j.mp/KQxtWn « Grief Healing Blog

6 Important Tips for Talking to Kids About Death and Loss, http://j.mp/1wUFWym « P&G Everyday

Fall 2014 ELetter, http://j.mp/1uyShu2 « Wings, A Grief Education Ministry

The Ideal of Grieving Well [when life keeps happening], http://j.mp/1u8KAZQ « What's Your Grief?

A Name For A Parent Whose Child Has Died, http://j.mp/1xuuSeo « Duke Today

The Unexpected Gift That Helped A Grieving Mother Face The World Again, http://j.mp/1CAJlp3 « HuffPost The Third Metric

Surviving a Child’s Homicide, http://j.mp/1pBLKXE « Grief Healing Blog

Parents can adjust and discover life after the death of a child, http://j.mp/1op7lD8 « ExpertBeacon

The Club Nobody Wants to Belong To, http://j.mp/1DOyMQM « Alive in Memory

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