Understanding and Managing Grief, July 27 - August 2, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Child Loss: Finding Support on Your Grief Journey, http://j.mp/1lmTVGu « Ezine Articles

What is Aromatherapy? Interview with Marika Fleri of Aroma Treasures, http://j.mp/1rVN1f6 « Seven Ponds Blog

Bibliotherapy: When books are prescribed to heal the mind, http://j.mp/1pNxk6Y « The Boston Globe

Using Deathbed Visions, NDEs, ADCs to ease grief, http://youtu.be/tjo9qbQA_Qg « YouTube

5 Grief Blogs We Love, http://j.mp/1AKMJO8 « What's Your Grief?

Important! The Support (and Non-Support) of Faith Beliefs, http://j.mp/1tZIgT1 « Grief Perspectives

Learning to Listen II: A Grief Tour de Force, http://j.mp/1pEUeO1 « It's OK to Die

No 'steps' in this story: Loss and the Step-Parent, http://j.mp/1mYQ9lX « The Grief Toolbox

Helpful! 5 Unique Ways to Help Children Grieve, http://j.mp/1k3YgTp « Today Matters Newsletter

Grief Healing: Resources for Young Widow(er)s, http://j.mp/1nQhHP0 « Grief Healing Blog

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