Understanding and Managing Grief, August 24 - August 30, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Solving the Problem of Grief: The Solution Is Not What You Think, http://j.mp/1Cdaxeh « HuffPost Healthy Living

The War on Grief, http://j.mp/Z22T7t « HuffPost Healthy Living

25 Years After Losing My Father to Suicide, Sadness Resurfaces, http://j.mp/1otsHy4 « HuffPost GPS for the Soul

So Much for Happily Ever After: When Life Doesn't Turn Out The Way You Planned, http://j.mp/1wDG20E « What's Your Grief?

Grief and the Burden of Guilt, http://j.mp/VqtaXo « Grief Healing Blog

Social Support's Vital Role in Grief, http://j.mp/1ATWp8f « Grief Perspectives

The First Year of Grief: Help for the Journey, ebook by Grief Counselor, http://j.mp/1ptKoDX « Healing eBooks

On managing grief: Row, Row, Row.... http://j.mp/1veC8tB « Personal Growth and Grief Support Center

Anticipatory Grief and Mourning: Suggested Resources, http://j.mp/1soMfaq « Grief Healing Blog

Isaac and the Red Jumper: Book and Guide for Bereaved Kids http://j.mp/1uaDlhX « Amanda Seyderhelm

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