Understanding and Managing Grief, April 27 - May 3, 2014

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

The Physical Side of Grief, http://j.mp/1ujNGd3 « Alive in Memory

One stop shopping! A Wedding Guide For Grievers: tips for remembering and coping http://j.mp/1lDi91O « What's Your Grief?

It’s Not My Fault! Grief and the fear of failure, http://j.mp/1s2YlXp « It's OK to Die

Unending Love: Death Does Not End the Relationship, http://j.mp/1fT6bvm « Open to Hope

Think before you post: News of Dad's Death, Spread on Facebook, http://j.mp/1hae9ke « Modern Loss

Teen Coping With a Father's Death, http://ow.ly/vghrS « Self-Healing Expressions

Finding Peace in the Middle of the Storm, http://j.mp/1k5ht0U « Ezine Articles

New comment on After-Death Communication: A List of Resources (adding Bob Olson's new book, Answers About the Afterlife), http://j.mp/1flTTkz « Grief Healing Blog

Memorial Photography: Once taboo, death in America comes out of its shell in unexpected ways, http://j.mp/S1SwgJ « CNN Living

Nostalgia and Yearning in Grief, http://j.mp/1mR4w19 « What's Your Grief ?

How to Support Someone After a Stillbirth, http://j.mp/1iqPirG « Huff Post Parents

The Fog Lifts Only to Reveal Secondary Losses, http://j.mp/1tR2boo « Personal Growth and Grief Support Center
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