Understanding and Managing Grief, December 8 - December 21, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Guilt: My Constant Companion, http://j.mp/1fM9aaz « Modern Loss

Friday Favorites: December 20th 2013, http://j.mp/19YaW3N « What's Your Grief?

New Holiday Traditions for Widowers, http://j.mp/1dWXRus « National Widowers' Organization

Sound advice: Help for men in grief; where to spend holidays after loss, http://j.mp/JaQQvT « Modern Loss

Learn about National Widowers' Organization on Vimeo, http://vimeo.com/79724783 « National Widowers' Organization

Missing Santa Claus, http://j.mp/19CA4QY « The Widdahood

What Fans of Walter White Can Teach Us About Funerals, http://j.mp/1bW4w4K « A Good Goodbye

A personal message for the holiday season, http://j.mp/1dqY7RN « Caring with Confidence

7 Mistakes People Make When a Friend's Child Dies, http://j.mp/1bTSR9W « Huff Post Parents

Father Retakes Wedding Photos With His 3-Year-Old in Mom's Memory, http://j.mp/1jlNjf6 « Mashable

The Holocaust: Bereavement Takes a Different Course, http://j.mp/1doTJTc « Northern MSW

Six Books for Grieving Teenagers, http://j.mp/1beLkPI « What's Your Grief

Stunning essay: 5 Lies You Were Told about Grief, http://j.mp/1kWL6SK « Rebelle Society

How to Create a Solstice Ritual: Honoring Nature’s Pause, http://j.mp/1gFWpkX « Elaine Mansfield

Beautiful: Make Sorrow a Part: A Mini-video, http://j.mp/1cyxsko « Grief Helps

Coping With "Bad Days" When Mourning, http://j.mp/1bTZXfA « Ezine Articles

"I don't miss him less; I miss him differently," http://j.mp/19NA50M « Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief

Finding Crying Time in Grief, http://j.mp/1cM7AFd « Grief Healing Blog

Inspirational Authors Persevered to Share Heartfelt Messages, http://j.mp/IRSL8k « Stunned By Grief

Finding Balance during Grief: Healing Dreams and Creativity, http://j.mp/18Gnr6D « Elaine Mansfield

The Last Advent, http://j.mp/IHUBtc « Caring with Confidence

Coping with the Holidays: Suggested Resources 2013, http://j.mp/1jge9Qt « Grief Healing Blog

Ways to Remember Loved Ones During the Holidays, http://j.mp/18CC9LY « What's Your Grief?

Complicated Grief: How It's Different, http://j.mp/1gn6UJz « Modern Loss

The Power of the Pen to Heal Grief, http://j.mp/1d7dUVE « Ezine Articles

Tips on Sorting a Loved One's Personal Belongings, http://j.mp/14YjJ7q « Grief Healing Blog
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