Understanding and Managing Grief, November 10 - November 16, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Grief In The Second Year: Finding Your Way, http://j.mp/wRiJJS « Grief Healing Blog

Beautiful story for bereaved parents: Best Friends and the Lessons Learned, http://j.mp/18DOqfG « The Rev. Sue Wintz, HuffPost Healthy Living

There Is Always Something To Be Learned From Grieving, http://j.mp/1e68b4a « Lou LaGrand, eZine Articles

Compassion and Bereavement:Will We Never Learn? http://j.mp/1idcCNj « Rea L. Ginsberg, It's OK to Die

15 Things You Can Do to Help Grieving People During the Holidays, http://j.mp/1cXMxSu « James Miller, Grief Helps

It's Not You, It's Me...The Rub and Fitting Into Your Old Life After Loss, http://j.mp/1hGthez « Kelly Buckley

You Are Not Crazy: The Truth About Grief, http://j.mp/1iawRLD « Ashley Davis Bush, YouTube

Grief and the Holidays 3: A Word of Hope for Those Grieving During the Holidays, http://j.mp/HNbcLb « James Miller, Grief Helps

Grief: The Fun Is Done...Find Some Fun, http://j.mp/1anDI05 « Jan Warner, Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief

At the End of the Day What Are You Focusing On -- and Will You Survive or Thrive? http://j.mp/1fzsBTG « Judy Brizendine, Stunned by Grief

Making Sense of A Senseless Loss, http://j.mp/182WEBA « Jeanette Summers, Seven Ponds Blog

Discovering Hope and Clarity in the Middle of Nowhere, http://j.mp/1antrAM « Dave Roberts, Hello Grief

Pimps for Pills, http://j.mp/1akecc0 « Carl Hammerschlag, MD, Schlagbytes

Thanksgiving Grief: finding gratitude when you're anything but grateful http://j.mp/1gDk5pM « Litsa Williams, What's Your Grief

Grief and the Holidays 2: 7 Actions to Help You Through Those Days, http://j.mp/1aOAKV4 « James Miller, Grief Helps

Saying Goodbye.. Again, http://j.mp/1dW51A4 « Melinda McDonald, Widow's Voice

New book by singer Gaynor includes grief stories: We Will Survive, http://j.mp/1cc2Rdg « Sandy Fox, I Have No Intention of Saying Goodbye: Surviving the Death of a Child
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