Understanding and Managing Grief, October 13 - October 19, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Walking Through Grief Video: I'm Grieving, Now What? http://j.mp/1aw9jtF « The Grief Toolbox

Well worth reading! Friday Favorites: Articles about grief, http://j.mp/H5Qp5V « What's Your Grief?

Outstanding! I Am Alone. I Am With You, http://j.mp/19PL3np « Widow's Voice

Which Best Describes Your Approach to Grief: Cheetah, Turtle or Ant? http://j.mp/1hXMbIC « Stunned by Grief

Just in: Grief Healing is listed among Great Google+ Pages for Counselors! http://j.mp/H4q6wa « Masters in Counseling

Grief Support vs. Comfort: What's the difference? http://j.mp/1apywG7 « What's Your Grief?

Reclaiming Psychotherapy and Clarifying the Work We Do, http://j.mp/18mhZ8A « Psych Central

Friend: A Mini-video on being a friend to myself, http://j.mp/16doqqE « Grief Helps

Beautiful story of love and loss: Angel at My Side, http://j.mp/1gf0HA4 « SevenPonds Blog

8 Great Comics About Grief (seriously) http://j.mp/16HHJfo « What's Your Grief?

Voices of Experience: The Voice On The Answering Machine, http://j.mp/1aEjwpi « Grief Healing Blog
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