Understanding and Managing Grief, September 1 - September 7, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Lovely commentary: Death and Dying: Living and Dying in 140 Characters, http://j.mp/17dLzvv « Huffington Post

Two Stages of Grief (for Preschoolers), http://buff.ly/1dHUKti « Mommy Man

Friday Favorites: Grief Articles, http://j.mp/15Bv4GD « What's Your Grief?

Inspiring! Finding My Stride, http://j.mp/15EcdAB « Hello Grief

The Bereavement Counselor: Public Misperception, http://j.mp/14vJvM7 « Pallimed

Re-Gaining Strength - and Letting Yourself Feel Good About It, http://j.mp/13iYagk « Open to Hope

Tribute to a Dad and a Dog http://j.mp/17ORVEv « Afterlife Books

Is Pet Loss Comparable to Loss of a Loved One? http://j.mp/GZocuf « Grief Healing Blog

For one family, organ donation offers a bittersweet ending, http://j.mp/17zsTHp « The Washington Post

Helping Your Kids Deal With the Death of a Family Member, http://j.mp/15yKnG0 «  Backup Care

How Mourners Are Judged By Their Crying, http://j.mp/15WbzM6 « GriefMinisterDotCom

The traumatic effects of grief: New Brain, http://j.mp/1fuBego « Widow's Voice

Beautiful! Paper Hats, Blackened Burgers and Pride...Labor Day Remembered, http://j.mp/1adQjGd « Kelly Buckley

Mother Loss: A List of Suggested Resources. http://j.mp/14diiCY « Grief Healing Blog

Thomas Lynch: A New American Way of Death, http://j.mp/17t1Eyb « Los Angeles Times

Unhelpful Religious Beliefs on Death and the Afterlife, http://j.mp/170KRBO « Open to Hope
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