Understanding and Managing Grief, June 2 - June 8, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

A widow's courageous post: May I be blunt? http://j.mp/17xoOoy « Memoirs from Widow Island

Grief Photography How To: Photographing Symbols, http://j.mp/13qnxvu « What's Your Grief?

Must read! Turning the Key http://j.mp/11oVeuf « Widow's Voice

Important Book Review: “When Someone Dies” by Scott Taylor Smith,  http://j.mp/14FgWLj « SevenPonds Blog

Lovely! Loss of a Loved One: Finding Meaning Through Metaphor, http://bit.ly/WaARQe « Roots of Action
Should You Write a Letter to a Deceased Loved One? http://ow.ly/lGwDS « Open to Hope

Touching! What a Difference a Letter Can Make http://j.mp/190SHhy « Journal of Clinical Oncology

Social Media for Authors: Jill Swenson interviews Elaine Mansfield, http://j.mp/15KrRGy « Elaine Mansfield Blog

What Is A Grief Warrior? http://j.mp/17pCNwQ « Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief

Inspiring! Speaking Up About Grief: Celebrity Grief Number 4, http://j.mp/11kr5vY « What's Your Grief?

The business of dying…for hospice caregivers and patients, http://j.mp/17ml5u7 « Caring with Confidence

Funerals – The earthly farewell, http://j.mp/17OI7up « Caring with Confidence

On telling your troubles to a robot: Shrink Bot, http://j.mp/11fHaTK  « Schlagbytes

Weekend Edition: Miscarriage and Stillbirth http://j.mp/18JlXt3 « What's Your Grief?

Are you your own worst support system? Snap and Bam, http://j.mp/10RsLgp « Widow's Voice
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