Understanding and Managing Grief, May 19 - May 25, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Is Criticism of DSM-5 'Anti-psychiatry'? huff.to/18bVAf4 « Huffington Post

“Now You’re a Soldier” http://t.co/CN6RyopvGI « FriendGrief

Helpful! When Kids Can't Remember Someone Who Died, http://j.mp/Z5fALk « What's Your Grief?

Bereaved teens face hidden challenges,  http://j.mp/14WtKis « Hospice of the Valley

The impact of grief on you and the family, http://j.mp/133QOuv « Hospice of the Bluegrass

Tragedy, Trauma and Death: What to Tell Children ,http://wp.me/p1l0Zh-hp « GriefMinister.com

Why a Parent's Death Is a Special Kind of Loss, http://bit.ly/LAzsfq « Caring.com

Memorial Day: Make it a Time of Remembrance and Support, http://j.mp/13NqDul « NHPCO

The importance of preparing for a good death, http://j.mp/185aAvc « Canberra Times

DSM-5 Resource Guide, http://j.mp/194Zg13 « Psych Central  

How will you honor lost loved ones this Memorial Day? http://j.mp/10M8t6P « Seven Ponds Blog

Missing Moments and Letter Writing: A Journal Exercise, http://j.mp/Z03C5x « What's Your Grief?

Why Hope Alone Is Not a Strategy for Healing Grief, http://j.mp/10NOM2F « Grief Digest Magazine

The Power of Bearing Witness, http://j.mp/10QDYO3 « Hello Grief

Applies to grief following any significant loss: Responses in the Fourth Year after Disaster, http://j.mp/10fnHSI « Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement

When does a broken heart become a mental disorder? Rarely, if ever, http://j.mp/Z88Yhe « Bereavement Care Centre

Outstanding! Coping with Pregnancy Loss, http://j.mp/10gu8Zq « What's Your Grief?

Today is all we have: Shining Beacons, http://j.mp/YUD5Xe « Widow's Voice

Transition after Loss: Tips for Navigating the Neutral Zone, http://j.mp/18c5BGw « Grief Healing Blog

Weekend Edition: Focus on Suicide, http://j.mp/Z6gKrS « What's Your Grief?
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