Understanding and Managing Grief, March 31 - April 6, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Audio: Good Mourning: Talking to Children About Death and Grief, http://j.mp/XYPpXh « The Grief Toolbox

When Good Grief Goes Bad: Complicated or Prolonged Grief, http://j.mp/10Be42t via @AllenFrancesMD

Grief and Pinterest,  http://j.mp/10iQAQ3 « What's Your Grief

Lovely metaphor for grief: Masterpiece In the Making, http://j.mp/YxSBbG « Widow's Voice

Why Rituals Still Matter,  http://j.mp/13U3o4f « Grief Digest Magazine

Love Your Regret [in grief]: A Journaling Exercise, http://j.mp/10vuFnq

The Melody of Our Lives: A Lesson in Aging and Grief, http://j.mp/104l9Zu by @StanGoldberg

Karen M. Wyatt, M.D.: Blessed Are They Who Mourn, http://j.mp/10vpkw5

Website supports Single Fathers Due to Cancer, http://j.mp/12c4hAh

Using Photography in Grief: Inspiration from Graffiti and Murals, http://j.mp/10hMWp3

Powerful post on courage and fear: Tiny Quiet Plea, http://j.mp/14IjYDF « Widow's Voice

On death of a child and organ donation: Taylor's Gift, http://j.mp/13IYSp6

Weekend Edition: grief articles we loved this week http://j.mp/XwU1n6 « What's Your Grief Blog
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