Understanding and Managing Grief, April 21 - April 27, 2013

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

National Victims of Crime Week to increase understanding of Homicide Grief, http://bit.ly/11sVLul « Aftermath of Murder Survivor Stories

Powerful post on Lessons Learned: 6, http://j.mp/14YKyJV « Widow's Voice

Is it Harder to Mourn an Actual Loss or Loss of an Ideal You Never Had? http://j.mp/163b2cf « GoodTherapy.org

Hundreds of death, grief, thanatology experts gather at ADEC conference this week, http://huff.to/15YN2XK « Huffington Post

Book Review: “Closer Than You Think” discusses After-Death Communication, http://j.mp/11ZgXZi « SevenPonds Blog

What Millennials Need to Ask Their Parents, http://j.mp/17ZQZuN « New York Times

Warm congratulations to Earl Grollman, recipient of ADEC's Lifetime Achievement Award! http://j.mp/10GsaUu

Griever's Gold: Cherished Memories, http://j.mp/ZP107B « Ashley Davis Bush, LCSW

Touching, brutally honest account of dad's stroke: A Lost Language, http://j.mp/Y5bzYM « New York Times

Grief still experienced even if time to prepare for loved one's death, http://j.mp/11Kj7xe « ReadingEagle.com

Cleaning Out Your Deceased Loved One's Closet, http://j.mp/11Kjh7T « The Grief Toolbox 

So This is Grief, http://ow.ly/kmDYV « Djibouti Jones

Lovely! The Letter - a little gift on the grief journey, http://bit.ly/XVCS5G « Melanie Spencer

Grief in the News: Six Tips To Avoid Depression During a National Crisis, http://j.mp/ZrmrA7 « Ezine Articles

Is There a Time Limit for Grief? http://j.mp/10zcD8R « The Widdahood

One More Day: What Would You Do? http://j.mp/10d0LlN « What's Your Grief?

Taking Care of Yourself Helps You Grieve, http://j.mp/14N0izA « Hello Grief

Celebrating hospice volunteers, http://j.mp/Y1VbrX « Caring with Confidence

Voices of Experience: The Labyrinth of Grief, http://j.mp/JaD9ZI « Grief Healing Blog

When Tragedy and Grief Devastate You, What Do You Do? http://j.mp/127RgIE « Stunned By Grief

Powerful piece: Grief: The Boston Marathon Bombing and Being Safe, http://j.mp/12CoWz6 « Stop Thief: Don't Steal My Grief

The Media Overload Detox Diet, http://j.mp/15zN8F4 « What's Your Grief?

When Grief Seems Insignificant by Comparison, http://j.mp/YFLoTx « Grief Healing Blog

Tips for Coping with Sleeplessness in Grief, http://j.mp/hkoXnZ « Grief Healing Blog

Weekend Edition: April 21, 2013, http://j.mp/17EU0h2 « What's Your Grief?

Don't Turn the Deceased into Perfect Person, http://j.mp/11zvTNr « Open to Hope

Distress, Traumatic Stress, and PTSD in the Wake of the Boston Bombing, http://j.mp/YDwRYx « Huffington Post
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