Understanding and Managing Grief, December 2 - December 8, 2012

Best selections from Grief Healing's Twitter stream this week:

Dealing with Death During the Holidays: an Interview with Brad Leary, http://j.mp/11X7eFV

Prenatal Loss: The Due Date, http://j.mp/VpWHNa « The Grief Toolbox 

"It's time to move on." Oh,yeah? Says who?  The Luxury of Grief, http://j.mp/UtGisf by @Victoria_Noe « FriendGrief

Amen! Time to bury the 'five stages of grief' myth, http://j.mp/YXW4Rk via @JenMarsh2

Nice ideas: help yourself through the holidays by helping others, http://j.mp/Uho5Ma

A powerful piece so many of us can relate to - The Importance of Transient Angels in our Grief Journeys, http://j.mp/VpXiOK

Are you on Pinterest? You're cordially invited to visit, http://pinterest.com/griefhealing/ « Grief Healing

How hospice changed this physician's practice, http://buff.ly/VUQZrL by @Caduceusblogger

Excellent! Missing a Parent During the Holidays, http://j.mp/QFFzWJ

Using the Unconscious Mind To Cope With The Death Of A Loved One, http://j.mp/TLWiEy

After a Child Dies: Dancing with Intimacy and Sexuality, http://j.mp/YLgkWg « Grief Digest Magazine 

Tips for handling holiday postal dilemmas following a death in the family, http://j.mp/XkhxDA

Handling Death and the Holidays, http://j.mp/R2kzuv « Open to Hope Foundation on YouTube

Garage Sale Grief: Coping with Death of a Child, http://j.mp/YIqI13 by Sandy Fox

Good suggestions regarding Independence, http://j.mp/SHhHQx « Widow's Voice

A different way to get ready for the holidays: The Advent Conspiracy, http://j.mp/R0S2FI « Grief Healing Blog
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